Summary of Civil Engineering Experience

MME has worked with multiple government agencies (Birmingham Water Works & Sewer Board, AL; DeKalb County, GA; Fulton County, GA; City of Atlanta, GA; City of East Point, GA; City of College Park, GA); as well as private companies such as Prime Engineering, Black & Veatch, Parsons Water Infrastructure. Arcadis, and Atlanta Gas & Light Company. MME has a comprehensive civil engineering practice that provides:

MME’s engineering team is well adapted to the utilities industry and can provide superior design, project management and construction supervision services to municipalities and the private sector for their critical infrastructure needs. In addition to assigning experienced and qualified engineers and project managers, MME has the advantage of having the in-house capability to perform ancillary investigative services that may become necessary, such as GPR.

As an example, MME successfully completed a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) for the City of East Point, which included survey and GIS mapping of sewer assets, asset inspection, review and analysis of inspection data, in addition to preparation of investigative and prioritization reports. Both reports were prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Georgia EPD and used a basis for developing a list of projects for minor and major rehabilitation taking into account structural integrity of assets and potential for reduction in inflow and infiltration from storm water. With respect to storm water modeling and design, MME’s experience includes the design and overseeing of open channel and piped drainage systems at Jefferson Park in the city of East Point and Jackson Street in the city of College Park.

MME has also performed GIS mapping and utility systems inventory, using a custom geodatabase schema for the Waste Management Authority of the USVI and as a partner with Arcadis for Dekalb County, GA. These projects involved the mapping and inventory of over 25,000 structures and facilitated the development of hydraulic networks based on field-collected data. Currently MME is working with Arcadis on a stormwater system inventory and GIS mapping project for the Georgia Department of Transportation.

MME’s range of civil engineering expertise also includes geotechnical investigations, foundation designs and pavement management services. Examples of projects undertaken include the geotechnical investigations and preparation of foundation recommendations for the upgrades to the Snapfinger and Pole Bridge Creeks Wastewater Treatment Plants in DeKalb County and the Welcome All Road sanitary sewer replacement project spanning Camp Creek in the city of East Point. MME is also an integral team member for the implementation of improvement projects and pavement management services at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, working with a number of contractors and consultants including Terracon and Player & Company on projects such as Concourse D Expansion, Taxiway L&M, Runway 27R, Airfield Spall Repair and Annual Pavement Management.


East Point – Welcome All East Point – Jefferson Park College Park – Jackson Street DeKalb Water Alliance DeKalb – Conyers Street & Elam Road East Point – SSES

Geotechnical and Pavement Management Services

Airport Pavement Management Airport Terminal Tunnel Quality Assurance and Control MARTA Redding Road Slope Monitoring

Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)

MME utilizes ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to evaluate structures and inclusions in materials such as concrete, asphalt, and soil. This technology is useful in structural evaluation, forensic identification of buried items, and construction. MME has pioneered 3D GPR imaging techniques for clear and comprehensive geophysical analysis.

Intrenchment Creek Water Reclamation Center   Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Taxi Ways Lima and Mike

GIS Mapping

MME has completed numerous GIS/Mapping projects throughout the State of Georgia which include designing a custom Geodatabase schema and conducting a countywide storm water inventory for DeKalb County. At this time, MME has collected over 28,000 in-ground structures throughout the state of Georgia.

GDOT MS4 Permit Compliance Dekalb County Stormwater Inventory USVI Mapping MH Inspection