Major Services

CCTV Inspection

Certified operators using current CCTV inspection hardware and software, collect and store CCTV inspection data in the field. Data collection and analysis are performed in accordance with the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) system approved by the National Association of Sanitary Service Companies (NASSCO).

Sample Project: Closed Circuit Television Inspection

Smoke Testing

Since 2005, MME has smoke testing over 1,000,000 feet of sewers throughout metropolitan Atlanta. Smoke testing is most effective in sewers with diameters equal to or less than 18 inches. Smoke testing on sewer systems is generally used for identifying potential sources of I&I, illegal connections, etc.

Sample Project: Smoke Testing

Manhole Inspection

MME field inspection personnel are trained and MACP certified. We have inspected and surveyed several thousands of assets each year. The information obtained from the completed manhole condition assessments are reviewed for consistency and accuracy and updated based on field clarification or verification.

Sample Project: Manhole Inspection

Flow Monitoring

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