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View from the underground communication to the surface through the manhole. Exit to the surface from the drainage through the manhole during rain.

Water keeps your organization running. The professional staff members at Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC provide the following services to municipalities, private organizations, and individual clients across Georgia and the greater Southeast:

Stormwater systems
◦ Location, mapping, and inspection of stormwater infrastructures
◦ Stormwater conveyance system connectivity
◦ Initial and final CCTV pipe inspection of internal condition of drain lines
◦ Drainage maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement
◦ Survey- and mapping-grade inventory and inspection of stormwater infrastructure to promote compliance with Municipal of Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program requirements

Water distribution systems
◦ Location and inventory of water distribution system components such as service lines, valves, meter assemblies, and related parts
◦ Infrastructure maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement of key components
◦ Helping public entities maintain their distribution system infrastructure by replacing and upgrading aging components
◦ Water meter installation and upgrading of AMR systems
◦ Assessment of sites and identification of physical integrity of existing water meters, boxes, lids, and other meter components
◦ Replacement of outdated materials with copper service lines

Wastewater systems
◦ Location, mapping, and inspection of sanitary sewer systems
◦ Comprehensive condition assessment utilizing advanced high-power crawlers and optical/digital zoom camera devices
◦ Trenchless sanitary sewer line rehabilitation services with liners
◦ Sewer main cleaning to remove sand, grease, roots, and miscellaneous debris and permit effective CCTV inspections and sewer main rehabilitation
◦ CCTV pipe inspection of sanitary mains performed by NASSCO PACP-certified technicians in order to locate and assess pipe deficiencies, infiltration sources and quantities, and service connections
◦ NASSCO PACP-standard TISCIT inspection of large gravity lines
◦ Bypassing of sewage downstream when required
◦ Manhole adjustment, cleaning, and condition assessment
◦ Performance of point repairs to sanitary sewers in order to correct trench excavation defects on main lines

Industry Codes

MME’s primary industry codes are as follows:
Primary SIC codes—8711, 7699  |  Primary NAICS codes—237110, 562998, 541330  | Primary NIGP codes—92500, 96292, 91340, 91360




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If you need a skilled team to staff your next project, look no further than MME. We offer you:
• High-quality service completed on time and within budget
• A comprehensive understanding of stormwater, water distribution, and wastewater operations and systems
• Decades of combined experience working in metro Atlanta
• A track record of seamless execution on projects of all sizes
• A history of successful partnerships with city, county, and state governments
• Skills and experience that will help you respond successfully to future challenges

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