Reducing Flood Risk: Stormwater System Services
To prevent flooding in adverse weather (rain, floods), an efficient stormwater system, free of debris and defects that may inhibit positive drainage, is key. For more than two decades, the professional staff members at Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC have completed stormwater projects for municipalities, counties, states, and private sector organizations in Georgia and across the greater Southeast. MME brings skilled professional engineers, project managers, and field crews to every engagement.

Drainage Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation, and Replacement

Since 2014, we’ve performed drainage maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement services for public sector clients such as:
• Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
• City of Atlanta
• DeKalb County
• Fulton County
• City of East Point
• City of Lawrenceville

Following are some of our services:
• RCP and CMP pipe replacement
• Drainage repair
• Maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement of drainage structures and manholes
• Pipe/culvert cleaning
• Pipe lining (cured-in-place, slip, structural spray-in, fold-and-form)
• Cleaning of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, slope pavement, and concrete flumes on roadways, interstates, and state routes

Stormwater Repair

MME has completed inspection, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and/or rehabilitation projects involving:
• More than 1,550 linear feet of stormwater conveyances
• Over 3 million linear feet of sanitary sewer and stormwater conveyances in metro Atlanta
• More than 120,000 manholes in Georgia

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Compliance

The municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permitting program is designed to prevent operators of municipal stormwater systems from releasing harmful pollutants into local surface waters and aquifers. To comply with MS4 program requirements, a municipality must provide runoff structures that channel surface water safely to sources like lakes and rivers.

We know what it takes to meet MS4 requirements. Since 2013, GDOT has contracted with us (and with our teaming partner Arcadis) to maintain compliance. Our work reduces the likelihood of illicit discharge and elimination by city and county governments.

MME personnel are skilled at:
• Inspecting drainage structures, detention and water quality facilities, and related outfalls
• Inventorying and mapping all MS4 outfalls and all receiving waters, drainage structures, detention and water quality facilities, and impaired streams within one mile of GDOT outfalls
• Collecting and importing information in a GDOT-compatible MS4 geographic information system (GIS) database
• Providing traffic control in compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
• And more

CCTV Pipe Inspection and Cleaning

We perform CCTV inspection and cleaning of sanitary sewer pipes, manholes, and stormwater system structures for municipalities, counties, and other clients across the greater Southeast. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, we use:
• CCTV cameras
• Vac-Con combination trucks
• Jetter trucks
• Easement and hydraulic scouring machines

MME has successfully inspected and cleaned well over 5,000,000 linear feet of pipe ranging from 8 to 54 inches in diameter for public sector clients.


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