Wastewater Rehabilitation

Keeping Your Residents Healthy: Wastewater System Services Good health starts below ground with an optimal wastewater system. That’s why the professional staff members at Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC are committed to providing vital wastewater services on deadline and within budget. These services include:
• Asset location and GPS data collection
• Smoke and dye testing of sanitary sewer lines
• Bypass pumping of sanitary sewer lines as required to perform inspections
• Initial and final CCTV inspections of sanitary sewer lines such as service laterals, manholes, and cleanouts
• Normal and heavy cleaning of sanitary sewer lines
• Sewer rehabilitation
• Manhole Level 1 and 2 inspections
• Manhole adjustment, cleaning, and condition assessment projects spanning more than 120,000 manholes in Georgia
• Erosion control (e.g., installing grass seed and straw with specialized matting in grassy areas)
• Point repairs
• Temporary traffic control in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Sanity Sewer Rehabilitation

MME commonly uses cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, pipe bursting, and point repairs to stabilize structural defects and remedy inadequacies in sanitary sewer pipes.

We can assist with:
• Rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewers by lining the affected pipe
• Bypass pumping and/or diversion of sewage flows
• Pre- and post-CCTV inspection of pipe systems
• Cleaning of pipe for initial and final inspection of pipe systems
• Internal and external point repairs prior to lining the existing pipe
• Restoration of manholes and property connections
• And more

CCTV Pipe Inspection and Cleaning

MME uses the latest CCTV technology to conduct initial and post-repair inspection and cleaning of sanitary sewer lines safer and more efficient than they were in the past.

Since 2003, MME has performed CCTV inspections of approximately 1,000,000 linear feet of sewer main and service laterals in difficult easements, subdivisions, and busy roads within DeKalb County.

Manhole Adjustment, Cleaning, and Condition Assessment

High-quality infrastructure repairs require a safe and reliable work site, even—especially—one that’s under your feet. Whether you need a manhole assessed, cleaned, or replaced, MME can help.

We use the appropriate tools, machinery, traffic control devices, equipment, and materials to:
• Complete in- and out-of-pavement structural projects in accordance with specifications, drawings, GDOT guidelines, and MUTCD and ASTM standards
• Protect adjacent drainageways, creeks, streams, ponds, and lakes
• Follow proper safety protocols

Point Repairs

When we encounter isolated major defects, misalignments, or collapses during pipeline condition assessment, it is sometimes necessary for us to perform point repairs to both a small amount of the existing pipe and the physical location adjacent to it.

MME uses point repairs as a rehabilitation method to remedy the following:
• Blockage or other pipeline restrictions
• Sanitary sewer sag
• Pipe defects
• Major joint offsets
• Collapsed or severely broken pipe


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