The professional staff members at Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC have completed various projects for municipalities, county governments, and other entities. Representative projects are highlighted below:

City of Atlanta Large Waters Meters 1

Large water meter replacement | City of Atlanta, GA 

Ongoing replacement of outdated or damaged water meters, Atlanta, GA

DeKalb County Water Meter Replacement 1

Water meter replacement and installation | DeKalb County, GA

Ongoing water meter replacement and installation, DeKalb County, GA

DeKalb Water Main 1

Water main installation | DeKalb County, GA 

Ongoing water main installation, DeKalb County, GA

Stormwater Upgrade and Repair Services 1

Stormwater upgrade and repair services, Southern site development | City of Atlanta, GA 

Ongoing stormwater upgrades and repairs, Atlanta, GA

Storm Water System Cleaning 1

Stormwater system cleaning | ICM, DeKalb County, GA 

Ongoing stormwater system cleaning and CCTV pipe inspection, DeKalb County, GA

Stanton Rd Culvert Repair 3

Slope culvert repair | Stanton Road, City of East Point, GA

Slope culvert repair and replacement of concrete flume and sidewalk, East Point, GA

Catalina Storm Drain Repair 3

Catalina stormwater drain repair | City of East Point, GA 

Culvert pipe cleaning and repairs, East Point, GA

Investigation of Supply Lines to Detention Pond- Schwan Facility 1

Investigation of supply lines to detention pond | City of Atlanta, GA

Pipe cleaning and structural repairs, Atlanta, GA


Stormwater drain repairs | Riggs Drive, City of East Point, GA

Cleaning/repair of culvert pipe, East Point, GA

DOT0001809-1863-DRAIN REHAB 2

Drain rehabilitation | GDOT D6 | KCI Technologies and Pickens, Catoosa, Fannin, Murray, and Whitfield Counties (GA)

Assessment, rehabilitation, and repair of stormwater drains, multiple counties, GA

Image1_Storm Drain Pipe Repair-crsz

Storm drainpipe repair | Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) D7 | City of East Point, GA

Emergency repairs to failed 30-Inch CMP drainpipe, East Point, GA


Sanitary Sewer CCTV Evaluation

County-wide priority areas sewer assessment, sanitary sewer cleaning, CCTV Inspection, and I/I Reduction.

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