Water Distribution System

Making Water Work: Water Distribution System Services

If your organization is experiencing water meter or service line issues, you can rely on Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC for expert help. Our 40+ utility service staff members bring you decades of collective experience in the public and private sectors and a thorough understanding of water distribution systems.

Water Meter Installations/Upgrades

City and county governments across the greater Southeast trust us with the design, operation, maintenance, and installation of water and wastewater collection systems. We are contracted with DeKalb County on a water meter installation program, and we’ve completed similar projects for:
• City of Atlanta, GA (water meter testing and replacement)
• DeKalb County, GA (installation and assessment of water meters, mains, and related appurtenances)
• Birmingham (AL) Water Works and Sewer Board (leak detection)
• Gwinnett County, GA (water meter program)

Service Line Replacement

Our water distribution services include installing water service lines in conjunction with meters, vaults, and all associated appurtenances. The service line is the piping that extends from the water main to the point of connection with a private water service line. Our work involves service upgrades and/or the replacement of outdated pipes with copper service lines in order to provide a cleaner water conduit.


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